• Dirt Construction & Site Prep

• Site Reconstruction

• Site Remediation

• Landscaping/Existing Roads

• Road Construction & Repairs

• Aggregate Materials

• Site Construction Elevations

• Truck, Vacuum & Hauling Services

• Cementing & Concrete Work

• Oilfield Welding

• Roustabout Services




Dirt Services: New Construction

• Dirt Construction & Site Prep

o Oilfield Prep & Construction

o Drilling Locations Prep & Construction

o Pad Construction, Tank Battery Pad Construction

o Refinery Pad Site Development (for New & Existing Units)

o Construction of SWD Pads

• Pit (Open/close) Construction

o Location Pit Construction

o Reserve Pit Construction

o Frac Pit construction

o Pit Compaction

o Pit Solidification

• Roustabout, Dirt Crew Services, Concrete Work & Fencing

o Roustabouts & Roustabout Crews

o Dirt Crews

o Oilfield Fencing & Cattle Guards

o Concrete Work


Road Prep, Clearance, Construction & Repair

• Lease Road Construction & Repair

• Right of Way Construction

• Right of Way Clearance


Dirt Services: Landscaping & Existing Roads

• ROW Clearing

o Land Clearing

o Clearance of Right-Of-Way

o Topsoil Removal & Replacement

• Hauling Services & Vacuum Truck Services

o Vacuum Truck Services

o Rock & Dirt Hauling

o Backhoe Work

o Water Hauling or Vacuum Work

• Excavating

• Grubbing

• Trenching

• Grading (Dozer & Motor Grading)

• Leveling

• Soil Stabilization

• Soil Remediation of Spills & By-Products

• Seeding

• Demolition


Welding Services

• Regular Welding on Various Locations & Projects Including Pipelines, Rigs, Risers, Launchers, Receivers, & Manifolds

Chaparral Location Services provides comprehensive solutions for all dirt construction and oilfield needs of your project. Whether your needs are the basics such as site research estimation, cost approximation, and site analysis building or complex work such as planning, administering, and managing constructions, we are here for any size of job. At Chaparral Location Services, we offer services including but not limited to: